No Code Drop-in Billing Pages for Stripe Businesses

There are so many things to handle at a fast growing SaaS and speed is essential. Billing is just another headache, but now Servicebot has the fast and easy billing solution for you!
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Drop-in SaaS billing pages that run on Stripe's powerful billing engine. Your whole team will love it!

It’s as easy as copy and paste. You will get customer subscription portals, pricing pages, and signup forms for your customers to self-service every step of their lifecycle.

Happy Customers

Give customers the onboarding and billing experience they have come to expect
Customers never have to leave your app, the embeds go directly into your app & website
Customers will be happy to have access to their payment details, invoices, and manage their subscription
The portals can be designed to match the look and feel of your brand; these pages are a part of your app as far as your customers are concerned
“Servicebot has really improved our customers' overall payment experience and reduced our billing development load by a big amount, best of all it only took a few minutes setup.”
Johnny Boufarhat
Founder, Hopin
“Speed of implementation is essential at this stage of our company. Within a day we went from not having subscription management to being able to start letting our users set up payments and manage their own accounts. Not having to stress about subscription management is a luxury not to be taken lightly.”
Tony Xiao
CEO & Founder, Alka
“Servicebot makes subscription management simple. It saves us from having to write and maintain a lot of custom code. Servicebot is like a sliding your Stripe account into a mech suit.”
Quincy Larson
Founder, Freecodecamp

Happy Developers

Your developers will love Servicebot. It turns weeks of development time into minutes

Drop-in Embeddables

Servicebot embeds are simple HTML/Javascript snippets that go right into your website and app. It’s super simple and we have plugins with popular platforms.

Integrations & Partners

Easy Authentication

Servicebot integrates with your current authentication system, yes any! Just pass in a customer's email or customer ID and we handle the rest.

Focus On Your Product

Developers will be very happy they don't have to go into code to update the Stripe integration for things like Pricing changes and API updates.


Let your designers focus on your product
Your design team will love the look of our billing pages
Want to customize them? No problem, the look and feel of all pages can be changed to match your brand's

Customer Success

Customer success has enough on their hands with product questions and bug requests. Take the billing requests off their plate.
Lower requests because customers can view, update, and manage their own subscription information
Admins can modify subscriptions through Stripe and changes are automatically shown on the customer pages

Marketers &
Business Team

Servicebot lets you iterate and react fast
Create the billing model that best supports the value you provide. Every SaaS billing model is supported
Allow business & marketing to quickly change price without involving development. Early SaaS businesses change price once per quarter!

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