Self-serve Subscriptions with Stripe in minutes

No-code embeddable billing pages that help online businesses monetize easier & faster.

Save Time & Development Effort

Step 1
One-click connect to your Stripe account
Step 2
Visually create & customize customer-facing billing pages
Step 3
Embed billing pages in your website or SaaS
“Servicebot has really improved our customers' overall payment experience and reduced our billing development load by a big amount, best of all it only took a few minutes setup.”
Johnny Boufarhat

Let your customers self-serve subscriptions

Plan Picker

Let customers pick their plans when upgrading from freemium or expired free trial.

Checkout Form

Embed checkout paywall anywhere inside your website or app

Customer portal

Let Customers self-manage their subscriptions

Simple integration with Stripe

A lightweight front-end layer on top of Stripe Billing, allowing you to continue using the power of  Stripe APIs & docs for advanced use.
“Servicebot makes subscription management simple. It saves us from having to write and maintain a lot of custom code. Servicebot is like a sliding your Stripe account into a mech suit.”
Quincy Larson
Style to match your brand

You can style billing pages to look & feel like part of your app.

No-code integrations

Works with no code website & app builders

“Speed of implementation is essential at this stage of our company. Within a day we went from not having subscription management to being able to start letting our users set up payments and manage their own accounts.”
Tony Xiao
Give it a go for yourself!
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