Simplify Payments

Servicebot is the easiest and fastest way for add payments and subscription management to your Digital Services business
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The Last Stop On Your Billing Journey

Setting up a simple payments solution for your customers to create and manage their subscriptions without a developer is hard

Easy & Simple

Servicebot is a simple and powerful billing solution providing the customer facing billing pages on top of Stripe's billing engine.

Focus On Your Customers & Reduce Manual Invoicing


Easily add signup & payment forms to create subscriptions

Customer Experience

Payment pages go right to your website for a seamless customer experience

Easy to Change

Quickly add new products or change your pricing without having to involve a developer


Give your customers the ability to self-service their subscription management. They can change their plan, update payment information, and view invoices, all without you having to write code.


Enjoy world class support and guidance from our billing experts
“Servicebot changed the game for us when it comes to simplifying the way our clients submit payment when they are ready to sign up. Before we used to send manual invoices via Stripe (took hours per day). Now we simply send them to a page on our website that has the Servicebot payment portal integrated.”
BRUCE Merrill
CEO & Co-founder, CLEVERLY

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