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Whiteglove Migration by Servicebot

Let us take care of the details so you can focus on what really matters. Check out just a few benefits of migrating from Chargebee to Stripe Billing with Servicebot
No Code Needed
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Tired of outdated, inflexible billing solutions?

Stripe Billing is better billing.

Keep all your Billing, Payment, and Invoice data in a single place
Reduce declined payments by  up to  45%
Integrate with  over 500 Stripe Partners

The Subscription Billing Tool By Stripe

From the company that changed the way transactions happen, comes a set of tools that makes it infinitely easier to earn and scale your recurring revenue business model
Free  for the first  $1,000,000recurring subscription revenue collected through Stripe Billing
Save between 20%-99%on your billing costs versus Chargebee
Gain access to an  unbeatable 24/7 support team based in San Francisco!

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Monthly Recurring Revenue

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Monthly Cost


15% of revenue

Free for

the first $50,000 Processed

Limited Features

97% Savings

Monthly Cost


0.5% of revenue

Free for

the first $1,000,000 Processed

Include All Features

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“Stripe allows us to be Agile with our billing - making changes or improvements is very easy to do, and can handle a wide range of new proposed workflows.”
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“It's really easy to use and the platform made it comfortable for me and collegues to understand.”
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“We implemented Stripe to introduce new billing and payment models and increased our trial conversion by 300%”
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