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What's your current MRR? ?

What is MRR?

Servicebot uses the past 30-days of paid subscription invoices as the current monthly revenue.

Adjust your MRR
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Included Features

Pricing Pages

Drag & drop beautiful pricing pages and sign up forms anywhere in your Wordpress site. Update pricing without ever touching code again.
Show Stripe Billing pricing on your website
Allow customer to subscribe from your pricing page
Dynamically update pricing page when price is updated in Stripe
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Subscription Portal

Drop in the Servicebot subscription management portal into your app letting users self-manage plan changes and download invoices
Customer self-service subscription management
Allow customers to upgrade/downgrade between plans
Allow customers to add/update credit card
Customers can download and view invoices
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All Your Billing Support

Everything around your billing support is managed for you. Designated specialist SaaS account manager to help you launch easier and faster.
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Hands Free Billing

Live Technical Help

Are you in a time crunch and need help with your SaaS billing?

How It Works

We will get on an online call with you and help your team identify, discuss, and design your billing flow.


Identify Pricing & Billing Flow

We learn about your product, pricing, and the ideal customer billing flow. We provide you with a checklist and architecture for your billing flow.


Design & Discuss

We present you with the billing flow architectural design and discuss the implementation strategies with your technical team.


Launch Recap

Before you turn on your new billing engine, we will review all your billing components with your team to verify the success of your scalable subscription billing flow.


How does Servicebot define monthly revenue?

Servicebot tracks revenue as paid invoices from subscriptions. Manual Stripe Payments do not count towards invoiced revenue. Servicebot uses the past 30-days of paid subscription invoices as the current monthly revenue.

Is Servicebot another payment processor?

No, we provide embeddable billing pages for your SaaS app. You still need to use Stripe to process your payments. Servicebot is a UI/UX for your payment processor (Stripe).

Does Servicebot work with another payment processor besides Stripe?

No, we believe that Stripe is the most powerful payment system for online subscription-based businesses. Servicebot only works with Stripe at the moment.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No, the beauty of our service is that you can cancel anytime you need to — no questions asked. All your billing data will be available in your Stripe account after cancellation.