Integrate with Stripe in minutes

Save months of development integrating with Stripe and give your customers a self-service subscription management portal in minutes

The right way to integrate with Stripe

Learning how Stripe works and building the UI for it takes the time you could be spending on your product. Servicebot has done the job for you.

The Power of Stripe & Servicebot

Servicebot is the skin on top of Stripe, providing the user interface for your Stripe integration so you don’t have to build it.
Embed the Servicebot subscription management portal into your app so you can focus on your product
Define pricing models based on your value metrics that are easy to change and optimize without going into code
Earn recurring revenue and manage your billing in Stripe without worrying about billing implementation

Get Started with Ease

Up and running in a day
Easy to use app so you don’t need to learn a new product, distracting you from work
Integrate with your current Auth system (Custom, Auth0, Firebase…)
Style the Subscription Management Portal to match your brand

Optimize billing & on-boarding to earn more

Flexible on-boarding flows for your needs
Bill based on your value metric, Servicebot can handle any Stripe pricing models
Upsell higher plans with the Plan Picker

Accept payments securely

PCI compliant
Securely verify users
Runs on your website or app

99.999% SLA

Scalable architecture for large customer base

PCI Compliant